From the CEO’s Desk

Welcome to the desk of Helen Whiteman, CEO of CILEx Regulation. Every month she tells us more about the work of CILEx Regulation and how this impacts on consumers and the regulated community.

Paint the whole world with a rainbow


Helen Whiteman discusses her personal experience of Pride London 2017. She reflects on the strides towards equality that have been achieved and the struggles that continue to be faced by many.

Welcome to Regulation Matters


Helen Whiteman, CEO of CILEx Regulation, explains why the launch of Regulation Matters is a win for clear, relevant and snappy communications for legal professionals and consumers and why we strive to stand out as the straight-talking regulator.

Why Regulation Matters…


Think about the last time you went to a shop and bought something, let’s say a sandwich. If like me the big decision was ‘what filling do I fancy’, you probably didn’t stop to think about everything that was in place to make sure that your sandwich was fresh and tasty with no hidden surprises.

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