Spring to health


By Helen Whiteman

There’s a 45 second video on the WHO website which captures what “Health for All” means, which is the campaign slogan.

So what can we do on 7 April, which happens to fall on a Sunday? If you run a quick internet search you will find lots of different activities you might think about with your family/friends/individually, or even for the workplace on the Friday prior or Monday following. Some ideas include:

  • Start an exercise plan that involves regular exercise to increase your heart-rate. If you already do this, could you encourage someone else?
  • Arrange an activity that could involve others such as a walk, yoga, singing, frisbee. There could be a (healthy) picnic afterwards?
  • Encourage your employer or social group to arrange a mental health and wellbeing event. It is Mental Health Awareness week from 14-20 May 2019.
  • Check whether your employer has access to any health screening services for free or at a reduced rate. Find out how healthy you are.
  • Think about how you can celebrate events such as birthdays more healthily. I love chocolate cake as much as the next person, but can we look at alternative, healthier recipes or substitute cake for another tasty treat?

Here at CILEx Regulation we are arranging a lunchtime circular walk along the River Ouse with a healthy picnic at the end. We’ll be setting a date for our summer Rounders match and we have a small team of staff who are working on developing a mental health and wellbeing action plan.

Small changes can really make a big difference. What will you do to celebrate the day?



















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