Chair's Board Update May 2023

Our second full Board meeting of the year took place in person on 10 May 2023

Our second full Board meeting of the year took place in person on 10 May 2023 following a Strategy session the day before. As usual, we had a lot to discuss, and here are a few highlights:

  • Future Regulatory Arrangements: following conclusion of the LSB investigation, we had a good discussion on the consultation and have subsequently published:  “Specialist Regulation for the future of an Independent Profession”. The Board has always strongly believed that any changes to the current arrangements should only take place after a full consultation with CILEX professionals, and others with an interest. This consultation will run for six weeks closing on 26th June, and we will be holding a series of webinars so do give us your views. Please access the consultation webpage for details.
  • Governance: the Board considered its performance, and updated key framework documents. It also formally welcomed Robert Morris (ex-Professional member on the Board) as interim CEO, and Patricia White as his successor on the Board. Patricia is a long-standing CILEX Fellow running her own business. We believe it is a real strength of the current system that there is broad CILEX representation in our governance structures so that our regulation is informed by a strong professional voice.
  • Financial Performance: we reviewed our financial performance for Q1 2023 and were pleased to see overall a strong operating performance ahead of target. In addition, our reserves will soon be bolstered, following the LSB investigation, by the payment of past PCF surpluses currently held by CILEX.
  • Operations: we were pleased to see the continued significant improvement in CPD compliance with a reduction in Fellows not complying to fewer than 100 compared with 250 this time last year. The Board agreed to consider at its July meeting a full package of enforcement enhancements which should help both our regulated community and the public.
  • Higher Rights: the Board received a positive report on our proposals for suitably competent chartered legal executives to obtain higher rights of audience. We will shortly finalise the draft competence framework for consultation prior to submitting an application to the LSB for a rule change towards the end of 2023.

Our next planned Board catch-up is on 7 June with our next full meeting on 12 July 2023 when we will consider the Practising Certificate Fee for 2024.


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