Consumers need choice-making information

CILEx Regulation will be announcing new measures to make the legal services market more consumer friendly for individuals and small businesses. Watch this space!

We’re all consumers and shop around to “see what’s out there”.

It’s easy to find straightforward information to help us compare what’s on offer and help us decide which goods and services to buy, where to go on holiday and even the best school for our kids.

But, when it comes to finding choice-making information about legal services, consumers are in the dark.

The legal services market is not working as well as it could for consumers. This was the finding of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) last year – see their report from December 2016.

So, how to improve things for consumers?

The CMA made recommendations to legal regulators to improve transparency of information by providers of legal services.

CILEx Regulation has responded by drawing up proposals to help its firms deliver choice-making information. Watch out for their consultation which will be launched on their website at the end of this week.

Look at the consultation and respond – you can help shape the future of information provision in the legal sector!


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