How do your clients choose you?

Understanding what drives consumers’ decision-making when choosing a firm is important; as is being aware of consumers’ experiences while using legal services. The Legal Services Consumer Panel take an annual look at this information through their Tracker Surveys. Findings from these surveys were published this month.

Key findings when looking at how consumers choose legal services 

  • The overall proportion of consumers who shop around for legal services remains small at 27%.
  • Reputation (78%) continues to be the most important factor when choosing a legal service provider, followed by price (72%) and specialism (70%).
  • Price is the most important factor for consumers choosing conveyancing (82%).
  • 73% of consumers who shop around say they have a wide range of choice when choosing a provider, showing an upward trend since 2016 (68%).
  • 63% of consumers find the price of the service after talking to their provider.

Key findings when looking at how consumers are using legal services

  • 64% of consumers feel that the overall service and advice is good value for money.
  • 20% of consumers do not know how to make a complaint and 27% are not certain.
  • 13% of consumers take the unbundling approach (where a legal service is separated into tasks between the consumer and legal services provider. Each party agrees which tasks they will carry out), particularly in probate (34%), and advice and appeals about benefits or tax credits (33%).

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