Keep things simple with new Work-Based Learning portfolio guidance

CILEx Regulation has produced a more streamlined, manageable and user-friendly form of guidance to help Fellowship applicants complete their Work-Based Learning portfolio.

When applying for Fellowship of CILEx, applicants must demonstrate that they have achieved eight competencies by meeting 27 Work-Based Learning Outcomes; 20 Outcomes must be evidenced twice.  So applicants are compiling a work-based portfolio which comprises 47 examples of meeting the 27 Outcomes.

New Week-by-Week Schedule

To improve the quality of our services and assist our applicants, we have produced a simplified form of guidance, now live on cilexregulation.org.uk

A 27 Week-by-Week Schedule (Schedule) has been designed, which will help with time management – a challenge even for the highly motivated and talented – by focusing on meeting one Outcome each week.

For illustration an extract is provided below:

The flexibility with the Schedule is that the applicant is not restricted to following the Outcomes in any prescribed order; it is entirely a matter of choice as to which Outcome the applicant works on meeting each week. By easily downloading the Schedule and editing the Word document, the applicant chooses the most relevant Outcome based on their own working week. For example, during Week 2 the applicant may be required to Undertake legal research.  The applicant can swap easily the Outcome timetabled at Week 2, Apply the relevant legal procedures to a matter, with Undertake legal research at Week 4 (see extract above).

Applicants can also keep track of their progress by placing a cross in the checkboxes adjacent to each week in the Schedule.

Each of the 27 Outcomes within the Schedule contains a link which with one click will take the applicant to specific relevant guidance on the evidence required to meet the Outcome.

New Evidence Guidance to meet each Outcome

Each Evidence Guidance for the 27 Outcomes consists of two tables.

The first table contains the following information required to meet the Outcome:

  • How many examples the applicant is required to produce (either one or two)
  • What the applicant is required to show
  • What the applicant should refer to in the logbook sheet(s)
  • What supporting documentary evidence the applicant is required to attach behind the logbook sheet(s)
  • Just one click away: Examples of previously submitted logbook sheets and documentary evidence that have been assessed as meeting the Outcome

For illustration an extract is provided below:

The second table contains a cross-link to other Outcomes which might possibly also have been met.  The applicant is informed of the following information:

  • How they may be able to use the same piece of evidence to satisfy more than one Outcome 
  • The identification of those other possible Outcomes (linked to each Evidence Guidance)

For illustration an extract is provided below:

We are always keen to improve our services and welcome any feedback concerning the new guidance.


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