Law firm Insights

Vicky Purtill, Director of Authorisation & Supervision at CILEx Regulation, took part in the regulator's second law firm event on Saturday 26 January, which was held at the Grange Hotel in London. She summarises the Insights Programme highlights.

Many of our law firms were represented and we all gained some really useful and inspirational information from our speakers, themed around technology and business development. Our firms had the opportunity to network and share their experiences as well as discussing the transparency requirements, the potential gains to firms in implementing these and our feedback on last year’s annual returns.

Starting with Geoff Dunnett from Shieldpay, we heard about the exciting alternatives to client accounts that law firms may be able to access in the future, and the other benefits that may come with that, such as digital ID checking and managing transactions through the legal process.


Michelle Peters, from the Business Instructor led an interactive session on how to attract more clients and provided lots of food for thought for firms to take away and implement, starting with identifying the limiting factors to business growth before sharing options to make changes.


In the afternoon we heard from Rachel Tombs from Orion Legal Marketing, who clearly set out the benefits to the business of being transparent on a range of matters, from the obvious price to those distinctive features which may not be immediately apparent, such as opening hours, free parking and text-message communications.


Rounding up the day was Ed Chinn from Eagle & Beagle, who provided us with the case for using videos as a marketing tool on legal services websites. Ed provided some really good examples of what works (and what doesn’t) and demonstrated other ways of thinking about the messages that we portray through websites.


It was a really fantastic day and I think all of the attendees felt that it had been worth coming to London on a rainy Saturday in January.


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