How consumer friendly is your website?

Your website is often the first contact you have with consumers. So, make it as easy as possible for consumers to engage with!

If you are making changes to your website, ask yourself these questions to help you make it more consumer friendly.

  1. Do you state prominently, either as an authorised entity or as an individual, that you are regulated by CILEx Regulation (CRL)?
  2. If you are an authorised entity only, is the (CRL) logo displayed and easy to locate on your website with a link to the CRL website at cilexregulation.org.uk?
  3. Language and text:
    Is the language plain and simple?
    Are sentences short?
    Is dense text avoided?
  4. Is information provided in as straight forward a way as possible?
  5. Is “legal jargon” avoided and where that is not possible, is an easily understandable explanation given?
  6. Have you tried testing your website on consumers? Often friends or family can provide valuable feedback.


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