How CILEx Regulation’s work benefits the regulated community and consumers

In this article we reflect on CRL’s key achievements and the impact these have had on the sector


Since CILEx Regulation Limited was established in 2008 there have been constant changes and challenges within the regulatory landscape. Consumers are more cost conscious, more diverse with increased expectations of legal professionals. Following the pandemic, the current economic uncertainty continues the pressure on individuals as well as businesses.  Rapid developments in the technological landscape offer both challenges and opportunities. Regulatory expectations need to move swiftly and surely to keep pace.

CRL has a rolling review program of modernisation to ensure its policies and processes continue to satisfy those expectations and meet its strategic objectives.

Examples of CRL’s key achievements are:

  • Championing fair access for all in the legal market through our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy published in 2022, and preserving the alternative route to qualification;
  • Securing rights for CILEX members to practise in reserved and regulated areas of legal activity without supervision;
  • Supporting CILEX members to set up their own law firms or establish Alternative Business Structures (ABS) through individual, tailored support;
  • Developing apprenticeships, together with other stakeholders, to enable new members to qualify as Chartered Legal Executives;
  • Introducing a new assessment route for Chartered Legal Executives to be authorised for independent practice rights.
  • Taking over from ACCA regulatory responsibility for individuals and firms offering probate services
  • Working with other regulators and stakeholders in a variety of areas including anti-money laundering, sanctions, claims management activities, the land registry and high street banks.

We are also current projects include:

  • Securing Higher Rights of Audience for CILEX members to allow them to appear in all courts;
  • Becoming a Designated Professional Body seeking final approval from HM Treasury for CILEX law firms to offer ancillary insurance products and funeral plans without the need for FCA authorisation;
  • Making things simpler for both those CILEX members setting up new law firms and those with existing entities who have limited resources to spend on administration and business planning;
  • Reviewing the operation of our investigation and enforcement functions to ensure that outcomes are fair to both consumers and the regulated community;
  • Continuing to press for improved recognition of those we regulate by third party financial institutions; and
  • Raising further the profile of its regulated members in the legal sector.

 Continuing Progress for CILEX Professionals

CILEX professionals are specialists from the outset of their careers and this competence is signalled through specialist title, for example, Chartered Legal Executive (conveyancing) or CILEX Practitioner (probate). CRL recognises and values the distinct identity of CILEX professionals.  It embraces people at different stages of professional development and encourages equity and diversity. This is reflected in our ongoing work to raise further the standing and recognition of CILEx professionals including: revised education standards; the creation of alternative authorisation options for Chartered Legal Executives seeking practice rights; the development of a proposal for regulation by role rather than by activity and our work to enable Chartered Legal Executives to apply for Higher Rights of Audience.

We are proud of our achievements to date and are passionate about our goals for the future. We are committed to delivering further successes and benefits for consumers and CILEX professionals


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