Widening accessibility to the CILEx Regulation website

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve added speech, reading and translation support to our website, cilexregulation.org.uk. Browsealoud is an innovative tool from Texthelp which helps the millions of people out there who struggle to access and understand information online.

In the UK, over 12 million people have print disabilities such as dyslexia, low literacy, mild visual impairment and over 8 million people were born abroad so speak English as a second language.

Browsealoud works by reading our website content out loud in a really natural sounding voice.  It can translate our web pages into 99 languages and read the content aloud in 40 of the most commonly spoken languages in the world.

Try it out!  Can you see this orange launchpad on your cilexregulation.org.uk screen?  

Click it to launch the Browsealoud toolbar. All you do is hover your mouse over any text to hear it read aloud.  From a touchscreen device you’ll have to click on the text to hear it.

Now, check out the translation feature – Browsealoud can translate our website into 99 languages and read 40 of the most commonly spoken languages out loud.  

There are so many other ways that Browsealoud delivers our web content that it really makes our website much more accessible and usable by everyone.  This addition to our website reflects our commitment to accessibility and inclusion; our aim is inclusion for all.

For more information on Browsealoud, check out the videos below.  Alternatively, contact info@browsealoud.com.  

If you’d like to provide feedback on Browsealoud, the team at Texthelp would love to hear from you.  Complete their one-question survey.



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