Looking back, going forward


By Helen Whiteman

Over the course of the year, our oversight regulator the Legal Services Board (LSB), carries out an independent review of our performance against five performance standards which are:

  1. Regulatory approach
  2. Authorisation
  3. Supervision
  4. Enforcement
  5. Well-led

There are 26 outcomes which sit across these five standards and pleasingly, for 2018, CILEx Regulation had met 25 of the 26 outcomes.  The remaining outcome relates to the removal of a reference to the quality assurance scheme for advocates, a cross-regulator project which did not proceed.  On 14 January the LSB published the performance assessments for all legal regulators which can be accessed here. The LSB has notified all regulators that particular focus will be given by them to the publishing of regulatory performance data and decision-making as well as information in the online practitioner registers concerning complaints data.  CILEx Regulation publishes all non-confidential Board papers, minutes and performance data, as well as complaints data.

LSB Diversity report

On 22 January, the LSB published a report on the progress made by all legal regulators against four diversity outcomes introduced by the LSB in February 2017.   A link to that report can be found here.

Education Standards proposals

CILEx Regulation is consulting on new education standards, following the independent, academic research into the future legal education market in the context of legal technology. The consultation closes on 28 February and proposes, amongst other things, the explicit inclusion of legal technology and emotional competency.  We welcome feedback from everyone and would encourage you to submit your views to us by accessing the consultation which can be found here.


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