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By Helen Whiteman, CEO, CILEx Regulation

Earlier this year I was on my way home by train and noticed that the majority of passengers had their heads buried in their mobile phone or tablet. Many with multiple devices and wearing headphones. They were streaming media and audio files and seemed to spend barely a couple of minutes reading or listening to any one item at a time.

This really made me think about how we like to access information and be informed. We are all short of time, dashing from one meeting to another or for a train or bus. When time is precious we want easy access to knowledge and information. We haven’t got hours to read long documents with lots of links to other webpages. We want to be able to find what we want quickly and when we find it, it has to be snappy, engaging, relevant and honest – particularly when the information comes from an industry regulator.

When I spoke to a few contacts about how I could make information and knowledge about regulation short, snappy and engaging I was met with a few raised eyebrows.

I described my vision for communications without a whiff of legal jargon, technical detail to a bare minimum and importantly, information and knowledge written in plain English. You can almost hear the distant cries of laughter.

We began with a blank sheet of paper until we arrived at Regulation Matters. Do we think we’ve got it right? It probably needs some more fine-tuning and will develop (with you) along the way but we’re very proud of it and hope to be a trail blazer in the way that CILEx Regulation communicates with you.

Tell us what you’d like to know more about and what you’d like to see less of. We’ll do our best to provide information and knowledge that is most helpful and relevant to you. We’ll be publishing new articles, case studies and video clips every month.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this month’s issue and that you’ll keep an eye out for the next.

Helen Whiteman, CEO, CILEx Regulation

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