Case Studies

Our case studies section is packed with short videos and interviews with CILEx lawyers, industry commentators and regulated professionals who want to share their stories with you. If you'd like to tell Regulation Matters your story, let us know!

Consumers first


Jane Martin is Chair of the Legal Services Consumer Panel. She tells us about the work of the Panel and how it uses its consumer knowledge and research to influence regulation.

The Specialist: Conveyancing & CILEx Regulation


Regulation Matters spoke to Sean Garner, Managing Partner of Garners Law, on a lovely sunny day in Stamford. Sean tells us about his conveyancing practice that has been running for a couple of years and what led him to set up as a sole practitioner.

Switch up


Wills Jacobsen was the second law firm to be authorised by CILEx Regulation. Clare Wills, who manages the firm, tells us more about her business, why she decided to go it alone and why she switched from another regulator to CILEx Regulation.

On an equal footing


Sian Turvey, a Chartered Legal Executive and CILEx Conveyancing Practitioner, shares her career journey and explains why gaining practice rights was so important in advancing her career in conveyancing.

Why I decided to launch my own firm


In this short video clip we chat to Jan Firth, Managing Partner of Firth Law. Jan tells us why she decided to set up her own law firm and how things are going. Jan’s business is based in Oldham.

Who is the Legal Ombudsman & what does it do?


In this short video clip, we meet Chief Legal Ombudsman Kathryn Stone and ask her to explain exactly what the LeO is and what the organisation does.