Finding and using legal services

Choices, choices. Where can consumers find the right information on legal services? Helen Whiteman highlights the issues and makes a recommendation.

I ran a quick internet search today (Tues 30 May) for ‘legal services’.  The first results page included sponsored adverts from law firms or companies offering legal services. Then there were results for the Legal Services Board, the Legal Aid Agency and some local law firms in my area with contact details and a map showing their location.  There was also a link to Wikipedia giving information on the legal sector.

But what if I’m not ready to contact any of these organisations? I might want some more information about the types of legal services available to me, who is offering them and more general information. I may even need to work out if my problem is a legal one!

There’s a really useful website called Legal Choices. It is a good starting point for anyone who wants help with legal decisions and knowing more about the different types of lawyers out there.  The website provides some helpful facts, is independent and includes surveys and quizzes.  Better still, it’s written in plain English and avoids legal jargon!

If you think you might have a legal problem and may need to use legal services, you can find information to help you make a choice on the Legal Choices website.

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