Improving the home buying and selling process

CILEx Regulation responds to a recent call for evidence by the Department for Communities and Local Government on improving the home buying and selling process.

One of our important roles is helping to shape policy and procedures that impact on CILEx members and our CILEx Authorised Entities. We can do this by responding to consultations and calls for evidence.

One such was a recent call for evidence on improving the home buying and selling process by the Department for Communities and Local Government. Each year more than one million homes are bought and sold in the UK, with a process rated as one of the most stressful experiences a person will go through.

With CILEx Conveyancing Practitioners and Authorised Entities involved in the process, we were keen to feed in to any new government proposals.

Our response proposed the following.

  • A consistent approach to the requirements for disclosure of information and protection for the consumer across all parties involved in the buying and selling process.
  • Consumers should easily know how to complain and what redress is available.
  • Referral fees appear to be contrary to the best operation of the market, but if retained, must be disclosed to consumers.
  • Businesses must be clear about connections to other companies in the process, so consumers can make an informed choice about who they want to use.
  • Digital tools such as comparison websites can assist consumers where information is independent.
  • Innovation and new delivery methods should be supported, alongside appropriate regulatory processes.
  • Good easily accessible guidance should be provided to both buyers and sellers to help inform decisions.

We are supportive of changes to streamline the home buying and selling process, providing the consumer with trust and security as well as the opportunity for appropriate redress.

Full details of the call for evidence and the response of CILEx Regulation can be found here



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